Disclaimer: Submitting of reservation form online does not secure date requested. In order to secure the date requested, you'll need to return the deposit in the form of cash or check along with the rental form, insurance form, any supporting documents to the BPOA office.

Community Center

The Community Center may be reserved only by a member of the Briarcliff Property Owners Association, Inc. ("BPOA").

DEPOSIT: One-time users will be required to make a deposit in the amount set forth below, in order to reserve the Community Center. Deposit will be refunded subject to users' compliance with the Community Center Rules and Regulations, attached as Exhibit "A":

Reservation Agreement (Click here for full application and information)

Park and Pavilion

The BPOA park and pavilion are for the exclusive use of the Association members. The park and pavilion may only be used for non-business related activity. A $50.00 refundable deposit must  be made to complete the reservation, to be returned to the property owner if the park and pavilion have been left in a condition that satisfies the Park Monitor.

Use of the pavilion is predicated on agreement by a responsible association member with the following conditions: 

  1. The member is responsible for the conduct and safety of guests to include, but not limited to, avoidance of excessive consumption of alcohol, use of illegal narcotics or drugs, excessive noise or other disturbances.

  2. The member is financially liable for any damage to the park and pavilion contents, over and above the initial deposit, occurring during the reservation time period.

  3. The member is responsible for post-activity cleanup to include removal of all personal property and decorations, and removal of all garbage and trash. Trash must be taken away from the premises.

  4. The member agrees for him/herself and his/her guest to hold the Association and all of its Officers harmless for any civil or criminal liability whatsoever. for any accident, injury, illness, damage or criminal conduct during the reservation time period.

Check Out Equipment From BPOA

Procedures for checking out any equipment from the BPOA Community Center

  1. Equipment must be checked out by a Property Owner in Briarcliff.

  2. Equipment must be returned next work day or on an agreed date.

  3. Equipment is not for use outside.